Since 1899 SELATIN Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Continuing to produce olive oil as the 4th generation of the family.The olive trees are chosen from the specific geografical regions of the Edremit Bay.The olives are only picked by hand,by rake and by machines and from these particular olives within 2 hours olive oil is obtained. Selatin is characterized by a very low acidity degree and extraordinary organoleptic features without any chemical manipulation. The oils come out in Pieralisi continuous system. Approximately %70 of the exravirgin production is “early harvest” and the olives from the proper to certain regions along with a pleasant and fruity taste, is extremely high quality for direct usage; the rest of the production is prepared as “blend” olive oil for culinary usage. The machine and the oliveoils are controlled and classified during the production phase according tot their organoleptic quality by olive oil expert Selin . The organoleptic analysis also controlled by very “high level extravirgin oliveoil experts”in Italy.The chemical analysis is made authentic laboratories in Turkey.

Selatin is sold as wholesale and retail.